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This project won the first prize in the indoor group of the 12th "China Illumination Award" organized by the China Illuminating Engineering Society. The "China Illumination Award" is the only science and technology award in China's lighting field officially approved by the National Science and Technology Award Office. It aims to award enterprises, institutions and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to scientific research, technological innovation, popularization and application of achievements, industrialization of high and new technologies, implementation of lighting projects and popular science education in the lighting field at home and abroad. Through incentive activities, high-level scientific and technological innovation and lighting design projects are affirmed, the quality and enthusiasm of employees are effectively improved, and the understanding of lighting quality in the whole lighting field is unified. Let the whole society know more about illumination, thus really driving the whole field to develop to high quality and high value-added, and creating a better light environment for people's life. The People's Daily Omnimedia Lighting Project is of great significance in winning the first prize of the indoor group's "China Illumination Award". It will inject new blood into office lighting. It is avant-garde, energetic, concise, efficient and perfectly matched with the static and dynamic. The humanized design of the office can provide warmer and more comfortable working environment for employees to improve work efficiency.


The design style of this project will become a reference standard in office lighting. The specific introduction of the project is described as follows:

This project is applied to the 10th floor of the New Media Building of People's Daily. The space design is unique. The concept of "omnimedia" is implemented and reflected in the space. The display screens are used in many positions in the flats and facades. This has higher design requirements for the light environment of the space: While improving the horizontal illumination, the vertical illumination should be strictly controlled as much as possible so as to avoid the influence of light on the screens and the light curtain phenomenon.


The core command area of the project adopts the method of accent lighting, suspend and sand ceilings to improve the illumination of the core position. It also highlights the importance and particularity of this place through the special form of lamps. The rest of the editing area uses the lamp belts for lighting. The whole space has a distinction between the primary and the secondary and clear functions.


In the coffee area and the meditation area, a dramatic light environment is created on the basis of its unique functionality. Especially in the meditation area, the whole space is all indirectly illuminated, and in the tranquility, the atmosphere is full of empty and Buddhist spirit. At the same time, in the light control aspect of this project, various means such as adding anti-dazzle baffles, light angle control baffles, and precise light reflectors are used to realize accurate control of light and minimize spill light.


The control methods of this project adopt a combination of time-sharing control and intelligent control, which can show different effects in different time periods. Through reasonable brightness planning and the selection of color temperature, a highly characteristic office environment is created.

2017年 获中国照明学会室内照明设计一等奖




项目功能: 办公

照明设计: 北京光湖普瑞照明设计有限公司











Won the First Prize of Interior Lighting Design of China Lighting Engineering Awards in 2017


Location : Beijing
Client : People's Daily
Program : Office
Lighting Design : Beijing Puri Lighting Design Co.,LTD.

Principal Lighting Designer : Hu Fang


Architecture : Gensler
Interior Design : LBY DESIGN

Floor Area : 130000 ㎡
Design : 02/2016-01/2017